Friday, 24 February 2012

Confetti Cakes – Flower Petals to coordinate with your gorgeous Wedding Cake from

Scrumptious wedding cakes with intricate petal detailing – ideas to inspire and and flower petals to coordinate...

Floral Avalanche cake by Peggy Porschen is surrounded by pink Rose Petals
(Photo: Peggy Porschen)

The current trend in the world of Wedding Cakes is for beautiful and believable sugar flower covered cakes and some designs are real works of art! The petals are so life like...

Dusky Vintage Rose by Peggy Porschen
(Photo: Peggy Porschen)
Tumbling Rose by Zoe Clark Cakes
(Photo: Zoe Clark)

These fantastic wedding cakes often inspire us to create new confetti mixes.

This pretty blossom inspired cake by Peggy Porschen...
(Photo: Peggy Porschen) echoed by our Hydrangea and Silver Delphinium Confetti

This delicious chocolate petal cake by Maisie Fantasie would be perfectly matched to...
(Photo: Peggy Porschen)
...our pink mixed Delphinium Petal confetti! Sachet - £1.99

These cakes could guide your whole wedding theme – and so we’ve put together some cake and confetti combinations to help you out.

Zoe Clark Cakes
(Photo: Zoe Clark)

Azure Blue Delphiniums match the scabious flowers perfectly
Peggy Porschen's delicate rose petal cake looks beautiful with...
(Photo: Peggy Porschen)
Pink & Cream Large Natural Rose Petals!

It’s so easy to use petals to decorate the cake table and make it look extra special in your cake cutting photos – not sure if we could ever bring ourselves to eat it though!

The Red Rose Petals bring this simple Peggy Porschen design to life
(Photo: Peggy Porschen)
The cake is called Rose Explosion and is begging to be surrounded by petals!
(Photo: Peggy Porschen)

Hydrangea Petals are really fashionable this year and they look amazing on cakes too. These are simply stunning...

Pink Hydrangeas by Zoe Clark
(Photo: Zoe Clark)

Blue Hydrangea Cake by Maisie Fantasie
(Photo: Maisie Fantasie)

Tumbling Hydrangeas by Peggy Porschen
(Photo: Peggy Porschen)
Hydrangea Confetti Cones

Pick the shade that coordinates with your cake!

Are you hungry now?!

All photographs: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

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