Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co sponsor more Confetti Petal Pancake Races!

Confetti Petal Pancake Races Return due to popular demand!

First invented for the Royal Wedding Street Party in 2011, The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co is proud to have brought back the event as part of the Wick Village 2012 Olympic Pancakes Races.

It’s a unique sport, only contested in our small village of Wick, Worcestershire, but Confetti Pancake Racing is great fun and very entertaining.

Villagers compete on Sunday 19th Feb 2012

Confetti must be tossed 3 times at a special point in the race

There is usually not many petals left in the pan at the end!

Children and adults battled for the glory of having the most petals left in the frying pan at the end of the relay race.

It might not catch on at weddings, but we all enjoyed it!

Confetti Racing at the 2011 Wick Village Royal Wedding Street Party

It all got quite competitive!

Skill and speed is needed!

Hopefully the Confetti Pancake Racing will spread and we are happy to organise a national festival!

All pictures: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

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