Monday, 19 March 2012

Wedding Traditions: Something Blue - Blue Confetti Petals - Ideas and Inspirations from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed... Something Blue!

A wedding isn't complete without a confetti throw!
Choose our beautiful, natural biodegradble flower petals

It's an old wedding tradition that's still going strong and we have noticed a definite trend for BLUE confetti petals recently. If you've got a blue theme, or just want your 'Something Blue' to be your pretty petals then check out these ideas...

Blue Coloured Rose Petals and White Confetti Cones (£17.50 for 10)
Petal Bags of Light Blue Confetti (£1.99 each)
Dusky Blue Hydrangea Petals - £8.50 a pint

Azure Blue Delphinium Petals (£11 a pint - 10 handfuls)
Azure Blue petals thrown over the Bride & Groom!
Our Bluebell Wildflower Petals will add a shot of blue to your petal mix
We also have Blue Skeleton Leaves for your tables (£5 for 50)
Baby Blue Cones and Petals look so cute! (£17.50 for 10 filled)

Pretty baby blue confetti cones in a basket with a light blue ribbon handle

Gorgeous blue petal mixes...

Azure Blue Delphiniums with Magnolia Wildflowers

Dark blue lavender also adds a wonderful scent!

Azure Blue, Bluebell and a hint of Pink Rose Buds

And a lucky blue bridal horsehoe!

And Blue Handmade Horseshoes for the Bride to carry for luck! (£14.99)

Blue symbolises faithfulness, purity and loyalty, which makes it a very suitable wedding day colour.

For more ideas check out our Pinterest '...Something Blue' board - click here.

All photographs: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

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