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Choosing your Petal Confetti – Tips and Advice - Organising Your Confetti Moment

A really useful guide to help you organise your confetti throw from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company - let us make it simple for you!

Let us help you create a photograph to treasure!

The confetti throw is a quintessential wedding day experience - the start of the celebrations after the formalities of the ceremony - and it's worth taking a few minutes to think about how best to arrange it all.

The traditional confetti moment on the steps of the church

Traditionally the confetti is thrown when the happy couple leave the church or wedding venue - there is no more romantic way to take your first steps together as a married couple than under a shower of flower petals - it's good luck and loads of fun!

The natural banking outside the Church makes an ideal confetti throwing spot!

Delegate! Ask someone to help out and take charge of proceedings - it's not a difficult task, but it requires a little planning and on the day you will be busy elsewhere! Ask your Bridesmaids, Ushers or your new Mothers-in-Law to make sure everyone has their confetti and can direct guests to the right place to stand. Your photographer will appreciate the assistance with getting people in place.

Be sure to have a good look at the location and chat it all through with your photographer. Make use of the setting - steps, pathways, natural banking and archways all look great in photos. A long line of guests will give your photographer lots of opportunities to get that perfect picture. A big group photo always looks great but you might want to allow more than one handful of petals per person just in case!

There are lots of ways to get your confetti to your guests...

Basket of Petals - ideal for your Bridesmaids, Flower Girl, Pageboys or Ushers to walk around with and make sure every guest takes a handful.

A basket of Rainbow Rose Petals - perfect for throwing!
 Confetti Cones - easy for guests to hold whilst they wait for the happy couple to emerge.

Hot Pink & White Confetti Cones with Raspberry Delphinium Confetti Petals

Envelopes, Petal Bags and Confetti Sachets - all great alternatives to Confetti Cones, especially if you think it might be a bit breezy, or if you have young Bridesmaids or Pages who might drop a basket of petals or cones!

Designer Confetti Sachets - £1.99 each

Alternatively you can place a Confetti Envelope, Petal Bag or Sachet on each seat before your guests arrive, or hang a cone from the back of each chair.

Textured Paper Envelopes filled with Purple, Azure Blue and Raspberry Delphiniums
Another easy idea is to hand out confetti with the Order of Service - one for each guest or between each couple.

A Confetti Petal Bag placed on each chair with the order of service

Or just keep it simple and place a basket of confetti by the exit with a pretty sign saying something like... Please take a handful ~ Help yourself! ~ Throw me!

Our favourite is a lovely little rhyme... When the Happy Couple walk your way, throw some petals and shout 'Hooray'!

Ivory and Pale Pink Delphiniums - gorgeous throwing confetti
(Photo: Segerius Bruce Photogrpahy)

If you're not having such a traditional ceremony and choose to have your confetti moment later in the day, then there are a few options you could consider...

Hand out a cone of confetti with each glass of Champagne as people arrive at the reception so that your guests will be ready to shower you with petals when you make your big entrance!

A wonderful showering of petals outside at the reception
Fizzing drinks and fluttering petals - heaven!

Put a Confetti Sachet, Envelope or Bag on each setting at the dining tables - it could be incorporated as a name place or a favour. Or you could use the confetti as part of your table decorations - for example a bowl filled with petals looks beautiful and is easy for the guests to take a handful when the time comes to throw..

A Gold Petal Bag with Ivory and Raspberry Delphiniums

Small Rose Petal Confetti - fabulous throwing petals and super pretty

Tables decorated with Pink & Cream Large Roses

You could throw the petals during your First Dance - they will then provide a pretty scattering all over the dance floor.

The bridesmaids' dancing feet!

The confetti throw could even happen as you leave at the very end of the evening - a final flourish if you like!

The perfect end to a fabulous day!

However you organise your special moment we'd love to see pictures - please share them on our Facebook page and you could even win a case of champagne!

All photographs: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

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