Friday, 20 April 2012

Choosing your Petal Confetti – Tips and Advice - Colour Combinations

Wedding Confetti Colours - Colour Combinations - what will you choose?

A gorgeous combinations of petal and cone colours.

We have a myriad of coloured petals available for you to select from and with so much choice available sometimes you need a little helping hand.

Here are some images to inspire you ...

Pink and Cream Roses always look beautiful. Basket of Petals £41.
Beautiful Blues - this is a lovely mix of Delphiniums. £11 a pint.
Pink, Lilac and Cream Roses are so pretty in our envelopes. £2.95 each

Pale Pink, Raspberry and Ivory Delphinium Petals. £11 for 10 handfuls of petals to throw.
A little bit different but great for a vintage theme. Roses from £7.50 a pint
Something subtle - Tudor Pink, Azure Blue and Purple. £11 a pint.
Hot and fiery rose colours - perfect for a passionate couple!
Colours can create such a strong sense of theme - mix petals to achieve your bespoke look.
Red, white and blue would be perfect if you are marrying this summer!
Clashing colours can look fantastic - confetti is meant to be fun!
But combining tones create a gentler effect. £11 a pint.
Let your imagination flow!
Pastels are popular wedding colours - why not pick & mix? Hydrangeas from £8.50 a pint.
Gold and Ivory is very classy! £11 a pint
Black and White petals are also very chic. Hot Pink Cones add a splash of colour.
The addition of Marigold yellow petals looks really summery!
If you simply can't choose then Rainbow always looks beautiful.
But you could use cones to tone it with your colour theme!

We hope some of these ideas will help you pick your perfect petals!

All photographs: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

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