Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New Real Flower Petal Confetti 20 Cone Box

BRAND NEW PRODUCT - 20 Cone White Box

Beautiful, natural, bright and cheerful Real Flower Petal Confetti

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company are proud to announce the launch of a new confetti accessory - a bright, fresh and contemporary Confetti Cone Box.

20 Purple Cones with Purple and Raspberry Petals £47.50

The simple white box  - £6.50 - is a great alternative to our Bridesmaid Baskets, if they are a little too traditional for your tastes. They will hold 20 of our handmade cones and you'll need 2 pints of petals to fill the cones.

Hot Pink Cones filled with Green Tea and Mint Rose Petals

Simple and beautiful - Delphiniums in pure White Cones £47.50

We have so many colours and types of petals and cones available there is no end to the combinations you can create - so you are sure to find the perfect petals for your confetti moment!

Some ideas...

Pretty pink and blue Delphinium Confetti - box £47.50
Rose Petal Confetti in four lovely colours - each box £40.50
Bright Pink Small Natural Rose Petals - box £47.50
Summery Rose Petal Confetti - each box £40.50
Simple and classy Red Rose Petal Confetti. Box - £47.50
Hydrangea Petal Wedding Confetti - £85 for 40 guests
Coloured cones look great with White Rose Petals

Have fun creating your bespoke mix :-)  

All photographs: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company


  1. Where can I buy these boxes in Australia please? Also do you sell at wholesale?

    1. Hello,
      These boxes are unique to us. We do ship to Australia and we also sell to trade. If you'd like to email me - - i'll send you through our Trade Information.