Friday, 27 July 2012

Red, White and Blue Real Flower Confetti Petals - a special offer for summer 2012

Red, White and Blue Confetti!

Support Team GB with us at the London 2012 Olympics and add a touch of Great British style to your party, picnic or wedding this summer!

Rose Petal Confetti in very patriotic and cheerful colours!

Special Offer Confetti Box - pay just £20.12!

We have a special offer for summer 2012 - The Great British Olympic Confetti Box - at a very special price of £20.12 - this is a saving over £25! There is throwing confetti for 20 guests and the petals are a beautiful mix of Raspberry and Ivory Delphiniums and Bluebell Wildflowers. But it's strictly limited to the Olympic summer, so buy now!

Our beautiful dried flower petals are a wonderful addition to your celebrations - adding a splash of colour to your tables and of course they will make your Confetti Moment perfectly patriotic!

A red, white and blue themed wedding (Photo: Marianne Taylor)

We have all sorts of petals and accessories to suit this theme - including special LIMITED EDITION Red Confetti Cones! Only £9.00 for 10 so buy yours now while stocks last.

New Red Confetti Cones with white and blue rose petals

White Cones and Blue Rose Petals £17.00 for 10 filled

White Cones and natural Red Rose Petals £20.00 for 10 filled.

Why not play around and create your own bespoke Bridesmaid Basket....

Confetti for 20 guests - £41.00
This is how fab those petals will look!

The Coloured Rose petals aren't suitable for everyone, so why not create your own special mix of Delphiniums, Wildflowers or Small Roses? These petals are all 100% natural and beautiful!

Purple Delphiniums, Claret and Magnolia Wildflowers. £11.00 a pint

Red and Cream Small Rose petals with Azure Blue Delphiniums

Azure Blue and Ivory Delphiniums look really pretty in Red Cones

Here are a few more ideas that aren't just for weddings...

Little Petal Bags - ideal for confetti but gifts, chocolates and sweets too!

Petal Bags £1.99 each

 Confetti Cones are great for food too - really! They will hold a handful of sweets, nibbles or fruit.

Cones cost £9.00 for 10 (Photo:

Rose petals add a touch of romance and elegance to your party tables - red is perfect!

Red Rose petals £8.50 a pint
A stunning table centre piece with Red Rose Petals (Photo:

Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

All uncredited photos: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

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