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Decorating with Rose Petals - Ideas and Inspiration from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

Confetti Tips and Advice - Decorating with Rose Petals

Rose petals are just so romantic! (

Our pretty petals aren't just for throwing confetti - there are many other uses for petals, at weddings, parties, dinners and celebrations - so this post aims to show you some lovely ideas for decorating your day with Rose Petals.

Our freeze dried and preserved rose petals are ideal for decoration as they are natural, biodegradable, they won't wilt or fade, stain or get slippery underfoot. They are easy to store and are light and easy to work with. Most of all they look beautiful!

Decorating your ceremony and venue -

A simple and very pretty idea is to line your aisle with a scattering of petals.

Lots of petals looks luxurious and decadent! (Pinterest)
But a more delicate line is very pretty too (Jamie Delaine Photography)

Alternatively a carpet of petals creates a truly beautiful aisle

Beautiful at an outdoor wedding - Cerise and Cream Large Roses 

Just gorgeous! (Allan Zepeda)
The rose petal aisle makes for wonderful photographs! (P)

A lovely way to create the rose petal aisle is to ask your flower girl to scatter the petals as she walks down in front of the bride. It also symbolises a happy path in married life!

Such a cutie! (P)

Or you could try for something more adventurous! Here are some great ideas...

Create patterns with swirls of rose petals (P)
This amazing venue is ideal for an impressive petal decorated aisle (P)

Simple but beautiful (Melissa Schollaert Photography)

If your wedding is to be outdoors and summery, why not create some petal pathways to lead your guests to your ceremony and define the spot where you will say your vows...

A rose petal path through the garden to the ceremony
A large red rose petal heart for saying the vows (P)

Barefoot and bohemian - a rustic summer wedding petal aisle
Candles or lanterns line a petal path to the evening reception (P)
Create beautiful features in the grounds with rose petal confetti

If you'd like to do this then have a look at our post - How to Create Wedding Petal Pathways and Aisles - for more ideas, quantity guidance and advice.

 Decorating your wedding tables

Beautiful Pink & Cream Roses add romance!

Rose Petal decorated wedding breakfast tables (P)
Create your bespoke decorative mix - Red, Mauve and Cerise Roses

Scattered Rose Petals and Pink Delphiniums on a fresh white tablecloth
Red rose petals add style and elegance

Create centrepieces by combining rose petals and candles.

Romantic and beautiful wedding decorations that are easy to do! ( J and J Photography )

Simple ideas often work best and have dramatic impact

But why not let your imagination run free! (P)

 Decorating your cake display -

Pink Rose Petals match the flowers decorating the cake (P)
Red Rose Petals reflect the real roses on the cake (P)

You could use our petals to dress up a simple wedding cake (P)
Pink & Cream Rose Petals are romantic and lovely!

More ideas -

Add a special touch to the honeymoon suite with a scattering of rose petals!

We recommend 3 pints for scattering on a large kingsize bed

Add romance to wedding or engagement gifts with rose petals.

Dress up a bottle of champagne with petal filled gift box

You can scatter your rose petals anywhere - they will add romance and tie in your colour theme to your  dance floor, terraces, balconies and pathways. And of course they are not just for weddings - what party doesn't benefit from a little extra decoration?! 

For more Rose Petal ideas have a look at our post - Rose Petal Confetti from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company.

Remember - just get in touch if you need any help or advice choosing your petals - give us a call on 01386 555045 or email

And we'd love to see how you used yours - please upload your best pictures to our facebook page!

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Victoria & Chris, July 2012, wedding breakfast table

(Image credits: (P) = from Pinterest. All other images: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company)