Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Photo Winner 2013...!

We are excited to announce the winner of the 2013 Perfect Flower Petal Confetti Photo Competition as....

Alison and Richard Fieldhouse, who married at Hampton Manor in Hampton in Arden on 21.9.13


We just loved how bright and happy their photo looks and felt it really captured the joy of the confetti throw. Everyone is having a great time!

It was obvious a very stylish day as the handmade confetti cones co-ordinate perfectly with Richard's tie and the rose petal confetti is the perfect match to Alison's bouquet.

Alison and Richard chose a mixture of Cream and Bright Pink Small Natural Roses and Yellow and Dark Pink Coloured Roses. Their bespoke mix of petals works really well with their cheerful colour scheme. We just love it!

The happy couple won a case of champagne which should arrive with them in time for their Christmas party so they can celebrate in style with all their friends!

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Photograph: with permission The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

Friday, 8 November 2013

Winter Weddings - ideas to make the most of the rain from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

Winter Weddings - Don't worry about rain spoiling your big day... encourage your photographer to get creative and you'll have some amazing pictures to treasure forever!

Full of drama, this image really celebrates the elements. Be brave and go for it!

So simple but so striking - B&W works perfectly for this bridal party shot.
So lovely! A bright and cheerful image that might just sum up your day!
Just too cute!

The brolly shot with the girls - gotta be done!
Beautiful! The way the light comes through the coloured umbrellas is fabulous.
We just love this picture - find your heart shaped umbrella here...!

If you're having a winter wedding it's always worth buying wellies - just in case!

So romantic - candid pictures often become the ones you treasure the most

A lovely little touch ...

All it takes is a little creative thinking.... encourage your photographer to use their imagination

And don't think that a little bit of rain will ruin your confetti moment...
All you need is natural petal confetti, a few umbrellas and some enthusiastic wedding guests!

And if it's really torrential why not just throw it indoors?!


Share your rainy wedding day tips and ideas on our Facebook page  :-)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tips & Advice - How to get the Perfect Confetti Photo

Every year at The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company we run a competition to find the Perfect Confetti Photograph...  We thought we should share our expert knowledge and the wisdom that we've gained from seeing thousands of confetti petal moments to help you get a fabulous photo!

2012's perfect photo - Louise & Richard

The best pictures are the ones where the love and happiness really shines through and you can see the emotion of the whole day captured in one moment.

There are a few tricks we've learnt to help you with organising the throw, composing the picture, and framing the shot that should, with a little luck,  help you can create a wonderful picture to treasure forever...

2015's Perfect Confetti Photo - Danielle and Mark

Just fabulous! (

The Confetti Kiss -   Perhaps the best way to encapsulate your love, this is an image that will stand the test of time.

You'll look back and think it really started with a kiss...

Surrounded by friends and family who are all so happy for you

Just beautiful!

Black & White -   Confetti might be all about colour but in a black and white image your happiness really stands out.

Simply wonderful, John and Jessica

All you need is love, Jenny and Dave.

Pure joy, Allie and Scott

Frame your Photo -   A good backdrop can be the making of the image - make sure you talk through confetti photo ideas with your photographer and ask them to find the perfect spot.

The lovely door way makes a great backdrop to Hannah & Alex's confetti throw

Petal Perfection!

The Guard of Honour is the perfect backdrop to this military wedding

What a Line-up -   Taking a little time to arrange the guests can make a world of difference to your picture. Perhaps ask a Bridesmaid to take charge? A simple line of friends and family means that the confetti throw will last longer (it continues down the row as you walk by) so your photographer has more chances to get the perfect shot - and you'll have more fun!

The church pathway is the perfect spot! (

2014's Perfect Confetti Photo - Catherine & Nick

An avenue of petals!  Everyone is enjoying the confetti throw

The bunting adds an informal charm and the Bride & Groom's smiles say it all!

Proving confetti can be thrown indoors!

Circle of Friends -   A circle of guests can be just as effective as a line up - you'll literally be surrounded by love!

Simon and Sarah in the middle of a circle of love

Steps -   Such an easy trick to secure a lovely photo - adds instant height and depth and allows your photographer to fit a lot more happy faces into the image!


Throw some petals and shout hooray! Helen & Dean are loving their confetti moment

Pink petal perfection!

Making use of the Town Hall steps to capture everyone at Kazia & Matt's wedding
Confetti Close-up -   The most intimate of confetti photos can also be the most beautiful - it's all about the emotion on the Bride & Groom's faces. It's requires a little bit of luck to capture the right moment but if you get it right it'll sit on your mantelpiece forever!

You can see the happiness radiating out from Nicola and Matthew!
Our winning confetti photo from 2011 - what a wonderful smile!
Helene and Alan - so simple, so beautiful, so much love
Just lovely - John & Sue

Nadia and Colin in petal heaven

The Big Group Shot -    Sometimes bigger is just better! Using the confetti throw to get a picture of all your guests can result in a fabulous memory of your entire day.

Friends and family are all enjoying the confetti throw!

So much fun at Donna and Daniel's summer wedding
The winning photograph from our 2010 competitio
Roby & Elly's perfect petal portrait!

But the best tip we can really give you is to just enjoy the moment!
It's one of life's very best experiences!

Ready, steady, throw :-)

If you'd like some more help with the organisation read our post - Choosing your Petal Confetti - Tips & Advice - Organising Your Confetti Moment
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All photographs by or with permission: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company