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The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co Predicts 13 Wedding Trends for 2013

Wedding Trends 2013

Bridesmaids, bouquets, buttonholes and more... this is what we think will be popular for weddings in 2013 - and of course we have the confetti to compliment all these new styles!

The "style it yourself" vibe is sure to dominate in 2013, as it gained so much popularity last year - and we love it because it's all about you - your likes and loves as individuals and together as a couple - expressing your personalities and enjoying your creative freedom. It not so much about making it all yourself, it's more about making your own rules!

Mix and Match Bridesmaids -
No need to stick to the traditional formula of identical bridesmaid dresses, shoes and flowers - your girlfriends will only thank you for encouraging them to choose dresses and colours that suit them individually - but they will still look like a group with tonal colours, shapes or styles of outfit.

This is how to do it - perfect Mix & Match purple bridesmaids!

Think about the overall effect - these natural tones are very chic

Or go for quirky and cute bridesmaids in colourful tights!
Mix & Match Confetti Cones to match your girls

Choosing shades of colour rather than just one is much prettier and flattering

The theme is definitley coral but the different styles of dress look great

Or go for a truly rainbow affair - great if you have a lot of good friends!

Floral Bridesmaid Dresses
Where is it written that a bridesmaid's dress has to be plain?
Express yourself with gorgeous print fabrics...

These green and brown floral 50s style dresses set a sophisticated tone

Bright and beautiful purple flowery shift dresses in styles to suit each girl

Florals lend themselves perfectly to soft and romantic summery bridesmaids

Super pretty Real Flower Confetti for floral Bridesmaids

They look great Mixed & Matched too! Choose a similar style or tone to avoid a messy look

If florals just aren't you there are so many other options to explore!

All White Bridesmaids
Wedding mags say that this trend started with Pippa Middleton - subtle and stylish all white bridesmaids is a theme that is sure to dominate in 2013. 

Elegant and stylish - pick a dress style to compliment the bridal gown

White is easy to Mix & Match to ensure each bridesmaid looks their best

Add colour with ribbon tied around each all white bouquet
All White Wedding Confetti

Real Flowers in Your Hair
We love this look - be it an intricate floral wreath or a few delicate blooms tucked into your hair - we predict this will be huge this year - it's just too pretty to miss! (check out our Facebook Album for more ideas - click here)

Tuck a few little flowers into your plaits or up do

Make a clasp from your wedding blooms

A statement floral headband of your favourite flowers

Create a unique floral headpiece to suit your colouring
Image credit -

As seen on the Barcelona Bridal catwalk

Bridesmaids look so cute in real flower garlands

A Big bloom for a very little flower girl!

Informal Bouquets
"Relaxed" and free form bouquets are becoming increasingly popular - styled on a theme or feeling rather than a strict choice of flowers or colours these natural bouquets are totally bespoke and look almost home grown. The trend really look off at the end of last year - an informal bouquet is perfect for non summer weddings where out of season flowers are expensive and not very eco-friendly - think twigs, berries, evergreens and succulents.

A stunning autumnal bouquet with warm flowers, cool foliage and blackberries

A late summer bunch of garden flowers - so pretty

Sculptural shapes and subtle colours create a striking bouquet
 Mix petals to create your own Bespoke Confetti

Pompoms and succulents make for an extremely on trend bouquet!

Just heavenly - this bouquet shouts 'summer'!

A quintessential wildflower bouquet - for a free spirit!

Lavender, Helebores, Sweetpeas - a jumble of flowers in purple, green and white

A unique blend of Natural Confetti

We predict this will be the flower of 2013 - a great array of colours and shapes to choose from and they blend well with other blooms.

Big flowerheads mean its easy to create a dramatic display
Little pompom dahlias make for fabulous buttonholes!

Big blousy dahlias create a luxurious bouquet

The pretty shapes of the dahlia makes them a great cake decoration too

These are the decoration of choice for 2013 - big paper puffs, little wool garlands  - really cheap and easy to make - this is the next big thing n wedding styling. You can even carry the theme into your flowers! Check out Pinterest for loads more ideas and How to Make guides

Big pompoms are an easy way to decorate your asile
Woolly pompom garlands - will brighten up any venue

Hand huge paper pompoms from the ceiling of your venue for easy decorations

Make your own place settings - easy, cheap and super cute!

Carry the theme through to the wedding cake!

Mix & Match bridemaids with pompom bouquets - fantastic!

Expect to see these yellow pompom flowers everywhere this year!

Another big trend that is emerging in wedding flowers is the use of gorgeously simple, sculptural succulents - they look stunning is bouquets and are great decorative plants for tables and place settings that double up as favours too!

Cute little succulents for wedding favours
A really striking bouquet with hot pink and succulents

Their natural purple, cool silver and green tones are just beautiful
Succulents come in some great shapes that combine well with flowers

Larger plants are great space fillers in table centrepieces and really enhance white blooms

They also make great buttonholes!

Natural Lavender
Purple was by far the most popular colour in 2012 and we think that will continue, but with this turn towards more natural and relaxed styling we think Lavender will be really popular this year...

Create a wonderful fragrant bouquet with simple sprigs of lavender

Add more flowers for a rustic feeling, scented arrangenment

Lavender bags are lovely favours - see ours here!
Bespoke lavender scented confetti

Lavender headbands for your flower girls look so pretty

Create easy table decorations by tying lavender around a candle

Wood and Logs
If you love the natural look then wood and logs are just perfect decorations for your wedding - and they are free - just go for a forage!

Silver Birch logs add interesting texture and look great with green and white

Log 'vases' are a lovely way to display your flowers

Create a  natural backdrop with logs rounds as table centres

These lanterns are gorgeous - and easy to buy if you've not got carpentry skills!

Little off cuts make fantastic place settings

A simple and striking home made twig table decoration

Twigs a look lovely decorating the wedding cake

Naked Cakes
They really fit in well with a rustic, home styled, country wedding theme - but mainly we think they are popular because they are look so yummy! No fancy icing - 'naked cakes' are for those who want flavour over fuss. Much easier to ask your Mum to make too!

Layers of sponge cakes with cream and jam and decorated with fruit and flowers

Two white doves look so pretty on an un-iced chocolate cake

Simple white baby's breath suits a simple 'naked' wedding cake

A huge stack of pancakes is a tradition French wedding cake

Sitting on a log this flower decorated cake couldn't be more rustic!

Each tier a is different sponge - it looks so good!

Food Bars
A lovely little extra treat for your wedding guests - Sweet Tables, Hot Chocolate bars at winter weddings, or a spread of Tea Time cakes - share your favourite food or drinks with your guests and enjoy!

An array of toppings for Hot Chocolate drinks - perfect for a chilly winter wedding

A spread of home made cakes - help yourself!

A High Tea treat for wedding guests

A Sweetie Bar - perfect if the groom has a sweet tooth!

Create a decorative backdrop to suit you theme

Midnight Weddings
Our final prediction for 2013 weddings is because the licensing laws have been relaxed and you can now marry at any time of day - and there are many perks to marrying at night - especially if you are fan of fireworks!

Candles and a petal lined aisle for a sunset ceremony

Give each guest a candle for a truly romantic wedding service

Hanging lanterns create a wonderful atmosphere for evening receptions

A line of sparklers for your first steps and Mr & Mrs!

Just the perfect way to celebrate you union

Whatever you are planning for your 2013 wedding have fun, enjoy it and do share the pictures with us!

And don't forget your confetti moment!

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