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Choosing your Petal Confetti - Tips & Advice: Focus On - Confetti Cones.

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company's Wedding Confetti Cones

Rainbow Delphinium Confetti in a mix of coloured Confetti Cones

So you've chosen your own special mix of flower petal confetti - - but how are you going to make sure all of your guests get some for the big confetti throw?

By far the most popular way of handing out real petal confetti is by using pretty paper cones - fill each one with a handful of petals and each guest has their confetti ready for the big moment!

Clare and Dan's Confetti moment!

Our lovely handmade Confetti Cones are easy, simple and they look really pretty.
Sold in Packs of 10 - you will need 1 Pint of Petals to fill 10 Cones. Nice and straight forward!
A pack costs £9.50 and it will arrive made up and ready to go - no fussing about with glues and paper rolling!

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company has loads of different types of cone for you to choose from,  including personalised confetti cones, patterened confetti cones, map cones, brown paper cones and a great range of different colours and textures. The style of confetti cone you choose can transform the look of your confetti - so there is sure to be something to suit everyone!

Here are a few ideas, colour combinations, and tips for displaying and handing out your cones...

Pretty and traditional ideas - 

Classic White Confetti Cones with Baby Pink Rose Petals

Textured Paper Cones with gorgeous Delphinium and Wildflower Petals

Cute Pink Gingham Confetti Cones with Cream Rose Petals

Be bold and modern with colour blocking confetti -

Hot Pink Confetti Cones and Dark Pink Rose Petals

Purple Confetti Cones and Delphinium Petals

Lovely Light Blue Rose Petals

Mix and match single colour petals and confetti cones for impact -

Pale Pink Delphiniums in Blue Confetti Cones looks fantastic!

Green Confetti Cones with Purple Delphinium Petals

Red and White is always a great combination! Mr & Mrs Cones

Light Blue Coloured Confetti Cones and Yellow Rose Petals

Mix different coloured petals in White Cones to great effect

Create texture and interest with petal mixes and Textured and Mulberry Paper Cones -

Beautiful! Rainbow Rose Confetti Petals in Mulberry Cones

Lovely Lilac and Merlot Rose Petals in Cream Textured Paper Confetti Cones

Real Wedding - Alex & Liz Slater: Pink mixed Delphiniums in Textured Cones

Classic Confetti Cones  - timeless combinations that everyone loves -

Romantic Red Rose Petals and White Confetti Cones

Rainbow Delphinium Petals in Ivory Confetti Cones - The Classic Basket!
All white wedding are very chic (White Cones & White Rose)

But with all our paper pattern options the opportunities are endless! 

Hot Pink Cones look fabulous with B&W Confetti Petals
Music Paper Cones with Merlot Rose Petals

Personalised 'Wedding Day' Confetti Cones
Vintage floral patterned papers are super pretty!

Mix and match for a truly unique confetti basket!

And if arranging your cones in Bridesmaid's Baskets or Trays isn't for you - here are some pictures that might inspire an alternative display -

Why not place a cone on every seat? (Photo: Krakora Studios)

Or peg them up somewhere handy? (Photo: Lola Rose)

Or add ribbon and hang them in a conveneient place (Photo: Jodie Chapman)

And there are plenty more confetti cone ideas on our Pretty Petal Ideas Pinterest page!

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And don't forget our confetti cones can all be recycled!

All photography unless otherwise credited: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

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