Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ideas to Spoil your Loved One this Valentine's Day - from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co

Happy St Valentine's Day!

We thought we'd share this love this year with some simple ideas for making your special someone's day that little bit more wonderful....

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A sprinkling of rose petals makes the Champagne taste that little bit better!
Use our Light Pink Coloured Rose Petals to achieve this look - buy here

And if you're planning to propose then red rose petals are a must!

We recommend the classic romance of our Small Natural Rose Petals
Get creative around your home and say "I Love You" in truly romantic style - if you are planning something similar please share your photos on our Facebook Page!

You can't beat a bit of baking to really show how much you care. A super chocolatey cake will hit the spot and if your decorating skills are limited then just add a few petals!

If you're a pretty good cook then these pretty little heart shaped macaroons are to die for!

Find the recipe here

 Or how about a heart shaped pizza - wouldn't you feel so special if someone made this for you!?

And don't forget lunch!

If you're planning a romantic night in then think about the little extras - easy decorations can be created with a little imagination... Here we used our Cerise Large Rose Petals.

Or if you'd rather just snuggle up together on the sofa - home made hot chocolate is just perfect - use a sweet cutter to make the marshmallow hearts (there's a recipe here).

Or for the ultimate treat - why not run your Valentine a lovely hot bath and sprinkle real rose petals in the water, with scented bath oils, candles and a bottle of bubbly - if you're lucky you might get invited to join them!

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