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Choosing your Petal Confetti - Tips & Advice: Focus On - Flower Girl Baskets

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company's Wedding Confetti Baskets

Here are our best ideas, advice and tips for how you can create your perfect flower girl baskets and bridesmaid petal confetti baskets.

Baskets of petals are beautiful, traditional, and lovely!

Having loose petals in a flower girl basket is ideal for the confetti throw and also doubles up as scattering petals for your flower girls to decorate the aisle ahead of the Bride.  (For more on petal aisles click here).

Scattering Purple Rose Petals from a Small White Basket

When filled with cones or petal bags they are an easy way to hand out confetti to each of your guests - it's all portioned out ready to go.

Rectangular Baskets, Textured Cones and Delphinium Petals

Our Oval Basket filled with 20 Delphinium Petal Bags

A Rectangular Basket of Blushing Pink and Bright Pink Rose Petals

Responsibility for the confetti is often given to the Bridesmaids, or perhaps the a mum or auntie. They can arrange the baskets in the morning before the wedding and place them in a suitable spot at the venue for the confetti throw. Bridesmaids or ushers, flower girls, pageboys or other children, are all great for helping handout the confetti, and showing people where to stand - your photographer will appreciate the help - but perhaps very little ones might not be so helpful!


Quantities for Guidance:


Small White Rectangular Basket  £8.00 (£9.00 with ribbon bow) will hold:
2 Pints of loose petals, 10 Cones, 10 Envelopes or 12 Sachets

Oval Baskets £8.50 (£9.50 with ribbon handle) will hold:
3 Pints of loose petals, 20 Cones, 20 Envelopes, 24 Sachets or 20 Petal Bags

Rectangular Basket £9.50 (£10.50 with ribbon handle) will hold:
4 Pints of loose petals, 20 Cones, 30 Envelopes, 30 Sachets or 20 Petal Bags

Deep Oval Basket £10.00 (£11.00 with ribbon handle) will hold:
6 Pints of loose petals or up to 40 Petal Bags
All of our baaskets are available with a ribbon decorated handle - cream comes as standard but you can rquest any colour from our ribbon collection - see the colours here.

Confetti Cones, Envelopes & Petal Bags

1 Pint of Petals is enough to fill 10 Cones or or 10 Envelopes or 10 Petal Bags

Baskets L to R: Oval, Small White, Rectangular, Deep Oval
All of our baaskets are available with a ribbon decorated handle

We have a large array of colours and styles of Confetti Cones, Petal Bags, Petal Envelopes and Confetti Sachets, so there is sure to be something to match your theme - here are a few images to inspire you....

Blushing Pink Rose Vintage Confetti Cones in a Small White Basket

Azure Blue & Ivory Delphiniums with Rose Buds, in an Oval Basket
"Love" Confetti Cones filled with Rainbow Roses

A beautiful Blushing Pink Confetti Cones Basket
Red Bags filled with White Rose Petals in a Deep Oval Basket
A Rectangular Basket of Personalised Confetti Cones with pretty Delphinium Petal Confetti

Ivory Delphinium Petals in Green and Blue Confetti Cones - stunning!
Cerise Large Rose Petals - perfect for scattering!

Pretty pink and white Rose Petal Sachets

Confetti Petal Envelopes in a Rectangular Basket

Personalised Green Confetti Cones with Cream Small Rose Petals

Beautiful Hydrangea Petals - Perfect for scattering!

If a wicker basket is not really your things - our more contemporary white cone stands are a great alternative! Click here to read all about them...

A White Box with Pink, White and Blue Rose Petals

A cone stand with Personalised and Paris Map delphinium confetti cones

For more tips and advice on your confetti baskets read this... Choosing your Petal Confetti - Tips and Advice - Organising your Confetti Moment (or ask your Bridesmaids to!)

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All photos: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

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