Friday, 4 October 2013

What a Wonderful Summer - Confetti Celebrations!

Mark and Lucy's confetti moment 

2013 was a great summer here at The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company!

Long, hot, sunny, days (like summers used to be!) meant we had a bumper petal confetti harvest and hundreds of visitors to the office and the fields.

We posted petals to thousands of weddings and everyone from the petal pickers to the petal packers worked their socks off!

Delphiniums in the fields on the farm in Wick

The fields attracted interest from all over the country
Newly harvested confetti petals - ready to throw!

The summer was rounded off with a family wedding - a rare chance for Charles and Cressida to throw some of their own petals!

Their niece, Lucy, married Mark, in Wick village church, and Charles and Cressida hosted the party in an enormous marquee in the Manor gardens - decorated with hops and country flowers in jam jars, arranged by Lucy and Charles, it was a beautiful celebration and the dancing went on until dawn!

Father and daughter leave for the Church with Edie, Esme, baby neice Sylvia and Piper the dog

Their photographer - Sam Pelly - captured some fabulous confetti shots that we just had to share...

Grandfather Hudson gets the confetti started...
Cressida and Violet join in the fun
Everyone grab a handful... They chose Azure Blue, Ivory and Purple Delphiniums
Can you spot Charles getting in on the action?!

No such thing as too much confetti! All the girls love throwing the petals

Perfect! Mark, Lucy, baby Sylvia, little Dorothy and Piper the dog enjoying the confetti petals

Sam Pelly - Photographer -

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company -

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