Friday, 8 November 2013

Winter Weddings - ideas to make the most of the rain from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

Winter Weddings - Don't worry about rain spoiling your big day... encourage your photographer to get creative and you'll have some amazing pictures to treasure forever!

Full of drama, this image really celebrates the elements. Be brave and go for it!

So simple but so striking - B&W works perfectly for this bridal party shot.
So lovely! A bright and cheerful image that might just sum up your day!
Just too cute!

The brolly shot with the girls - gotta be done!
Beautiful! The way the light comes through the coloured umbrellas is fabulous.
We just love this picture - find your heart shaped umbrella here...!

If you're having a winter wedding it's always worth buying wellies - just in case!

So romantic - candid pictures often become the ones you treasure the most

A lovely little touch ...

All it takes is a little creative thinking.... encourage your photographer to use their imagination

And don't think that a little bit of rain will ruin your confetti moment...
All you need is natural petal confetti, a few umbrellas and some enthusiastic wedding guests!

And if it's really torrential why not just throw it indoors?!


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