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Ombre Inspiration - Wedding Petals and Confetti Ideas from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

Ombre Wedding Inspiration

Pink Ombre Delphinium Petal Confetti Basket

When this design trend emerged it was clear it was going to be a keeper - so simple and stylish and the ombre effect is easy to personalise and make your own.

Pick your favourite colour and shade it subtly from light to dark - that's it!

An ombre effect pink rose petal aisle - try our Large Natural Roses

Ombre is a great theme for a modern wedding as it can look so clean and simple and chic. It's not fussy and can be incredibly bold and stylish.

But don't rule it out if you want a more traditional look on your wedding day - flowers look beautiful when arranged in the ombre effect and it looks stunning for patterns as well as plains - just remember to graduate the colours and you'll be fine.

Gorgeous pink ombre wedding bouquet

In case you were wondering what 'ombre' means - it's the French term for shaded. It's definitely a statement look so don't go overboard - remember the French mantra - less is more!

It's a theme that really lends itself to petal decorations and you can have lots of fun with petal aisles, table decorations and of course your wedding confetti!

Here are a few of our favourite ombre petal ideas and details of how you can achieve the look...

A little flower girl enjoying the ombre petal aisle!

To recreate this classic pink rose petal aisle we recommend Cerise, Pink & Cream and Cream Large Rose Petals. And for this sort of coverage you'll need 5 pints per square metre.

It looks stunning photographed from above - ask your photographer to bring steps!
More variation of shade makes the effect more dramatic.

Another option is to scatter petals either side of the aisle. This way you can use the ombre effect from the outside in, or from one end to the other.

An ombre effect in White, Pale Pinks and Lilac

Try our Mauve, Pink & Cream and Cream Large Rose Petals to recreate the look above. You'll need 2 and a half pints per metre.

For a narrower line of petals like this one below, we suggest you'll need 1 pint per metre.

Orange ombre looks fantastic!
If you really want to make statement then try a pattern in your petals too...

We recommend Coloured Rose Petals for this - they are a little heavier so will stay put!

It's easy to carry the ombre styling through to your wedding confetti petals. Whether you would like traditional bridesmaids baskets of petals, fresh and modern trays of confetti cones, bespoke individual sachets or envelopes - anything can be ombre-d!

Delphinium Petal Confetti in Raspberry, Pale Pink and Ivory

Choose your colour theme and then we can help you find your perfect petals - one colour group, three different petals, three different looks...

Small Natural Rose Petals
Delphinium Petals
Coloured Rose Petals

 Ideas for confetti baskets and boxes...

Our Oval Basket with Delphinium Petal Confetti  in shades of pinks and Pink Cones

A cute White Basket with Rose Petal Confetti in Cream, Baby Pink & Blushing Pink

A stunning Coloured Rose Box with Handmade Cones - Confetti for 20

A close up of the Coloured Rose Petals - White, Light Pink and Dark Pink

We can also ombre an individual confetti sachet or envelope - this is completely bespoke and will be uniquely yours - email to discuss your ideas.

White, Mint and Green Tea Coloured Roses

White, Lavender and Purple Coloured Roses

Burgundy, Red and Cranberry Coloured Roses
Bespoke Rose Petal Envelope - Bright Pink, Baby Pink and Cream Confetti Petals
Delphinium Confetti Sachets in ombre effects

We are very happy to work with your bespoke requests - please just get in touch.

If you are now in love with ombre then these other wedding ideas are sure to be a hit!

Peachy - pinky - yellowy - orange ombre....

Love this flower petal ombre wedding cake

A perfect example of an ombre bridal bouquet

Co-ordinate your Bridesmaids too! Lovely floor length shaded dresses
Watercolour wedding invitations - set the tone right form the start

Wedding cake heaven!

Ribbons are idea for ombre decorations
Pretty layers of tulle for an ombre wedding gown
Wonderful floral table decorations for an ombre theme
Floral bunting with an ombre twist

You can even ombre your wedding favours!

Bluey - aqua - lilacy - purple ombre...

Stunning purple ombre wedding bouquet
Ombre bridesmaids - easy to achieve and looks amazing!

Blue ombre table numbers - an easy way to extend the theme

A soft and beautiful blue ombre wedding dress
Satin wedding shoes - could also be your something blue!

Icing creates a wonderfully simple ombre wedding cake

You can include your wedding deserts in the theme too
Sea green and blue ombre is perfect for a beach wedding

The possibilities are endless - enjoy!

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