Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Real Flower Petal Wedding Dress

We just had to share this wonderful creation with you... a dress covered completely in real rose petals!

It's the dress we have been dreaming of for years! Rose petals have been individually applied to a fabulous fishtail gown with painstaking attention to detail - pinks, white and mint green blend beautifully and create a wonderful shaded colour effect and a fabulous texture.

A rose petal dress is the epitome of romance and just perfect for a bride who wants an unforgettable dress - the roses may eventually fade but the memory will live forever!

Perfect for a spring wedding - the dress looks stunning in amongst the cherry blossoms. The petals used are Coloured Rose Petals in Light Pink, Cherry Blossom, Mint and White.Thank you Prior Attire - this is the most original use of our real flower petals yet!

For more details and information on how costume specialist Izabela Pitcher created the dress, check out the full A Damsel in This Dress blog post here.

All photographs: L J Pitcher - Pitcheresque Imagery

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