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New Coloured Confetti Envelopes from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

Confetti Envelopes

Cream, Pink and Lilac Confetti Envelopes - £2.50 each (filled) or £9.50 for 10 (empty)

They are just so pretty and now they are available in Pink and Lilac too!! 
Added to our collections at the end of last year, the new Confetti Envelopes are proving really popular - great if you want to add a splash more colour to your confetti moment.

The handmade textured paper envelopes are unique to The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company – so choose your own bespoke mix of confetti petals and we’ll hand fill and hand tie each one. 
Or you can do it yourself – gather your bridesmaids and open a bottle of bubbles - it’s a lovely way to spend an hour.

Cream Envelopes with Blushing Pink Rose Petals - so pretty and romantic

Cream Small Natural Rose Petals in Lilac Envelopes - 10 fit in our Small White Basket

Colour pop confetti - mix and match envelopes and petals for a cheerful effect

Because they are tied with a bow Confetti Envelopes are much easier to handle than Confetti Cones – you won’t lose all the petals in the wind or if they get dropped. They make organising the confetti throw very simple too – place one on each chair at your ceremony venue or ask ushers to hand them out with the order of service. 

Place one envelope on each seat - or one between two if you have a lot of guests

If you have little Bridesmaid you'd like to give a special job to, why not fill a basket with Confetti Envelopes and ask her to hand them around after the ceremony, ready for the confetti throw. She'll feel really special!

Our Rectangular Basket will hold up to 30 envelopes
Bridesmaids Hattie and Jemima loved the Petal Envelopes!

Another great idea is to send an envelope of petals with your wedding invitations – your guests will love the extra treat and it will get them really excited!   

Perfect for popping in a handbag or suit pocket!
Or if you want to have your confetti moment at the end of night, when you make your exit, Confetti Envelopes can be placed on the wedding breakfast tables as a name place and table favour - just add a tag or a sticker with the name of each guest – hey presto – three wedding essentials in one!

Envelopes are easy to personalise with stickers or you could use your own ribbons

So do you need a little more inspiration?  
Delphiniums,Wild flowers and Small Natural Rose Petals are the best petal choices – beautiful, natural and available in so many colours you are sure to find the perfect mix! 
Here are some of our favourites...

Super summery - Rainbow Delphiniums with added Marigold yellow Wildflower petals

Pretty in pink - Blushing Pink Small Rose Petals in Cream and Pink Envelopes

Delicate, light and pretty - Magnolia Wildflowers with a few Rainbow Delphinium Petals

Good enough to eat! Cream, Lilac and Blushing Pink Small Natural Rose Petals
Confetti sunshine - Ivory Delphiniums, Magnolia and Marigold Wildflowers

An English country garden - Ivory Delphiniums, Lavender Grains and Mini Rose Buds

Modern and funky - Pink and Cream Small Rose Petals in an ombre effect

One filled envelope costs £2.50.
A pack of 10 empty envelopes costs £9.50.

A little extra advice:
If you are filling envelopes yourself you need 1 pint of petals for every pack of 10 empty envelopes.
Empty the petals out onto a table and divide it into 10 smaller piles - this ensures the envelopes are evenly filled.
Confetti Envelopes are suitable for all our petals except Large Natural Roses – they will get crushed in the envelopes as they are a lovely curved shape. 
If you’d like to fill our envelopes with darker shades of Coloured Rose Petals, like Burgundy or Red, we’d recommend that the envelopes aren’t made up too far in advance of the wedding.These petals are colour enhanced and if the envelopes get squashed the colour may bleed into the paper. 
If you are mixing Coloured Rose Petals or Hydrangea Petals with any other type of petals we suggest this is best done a few days before the wedding, for the same reasons as above.

If you'd like any more help or advice or you'd like to order a bespoke mix that you can't see on our website then please just get in touch - the Confetti Office is open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday or email:

And don't forget to share your envelope pictures on our Facebook page!
At the moment we have a COMPETITION running where you can win Confetti Envelopes - just like our page and the Competition post pinned to the top of our news feed - when we get to 1000 likes we'll pick a winner - good luck!

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Magnolia, Tudor Pink and Raspberry Petals in a Pink Envelope

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