Thursday, 5 June 2014

Beautiful Rose Petal Confetti from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

In celebration of the Rose...

The rose is the flower of June and they are looking particularly beautiful on Wyke Manor right now.

We thought we'd share our love for this most romantic of flowers and perhaps inspire you to incorporate them into your wedding day.

A basket of Bright Pink and Blushing Pink Small Natural Rose Petals

Rose petal confetti is a traditional and romantic choice - beautiful, natural, delicate and fluttery - rose petals will biodegrade quickly and easily and leave no mess behind after the confetti throw.

Rainbow Rose Petals being thrown over Donna and Daniel

We have 3 collections of rose petals in a range of colours so there is sure to be something you love.

We recommend the Small Natural Rose Petals for throwing confetti - they are light and fluttery and will fit into all our different packaging choices. These cost £11 a pint or individual packing options from £1.99.

Blushing Pink Small Natural Rose Petals in Pale Pink Confetti Cones
Our Classic Confetti Basket - currently on special offer!

Large Natural Rose Petals are great for decorations, petal aisles and centrepieces. These petals have retained their natural curve like they have just fallen from the rose - but as they are freeze dried they'll last much longer than a fresh petal and look great throughout your whole wedding day. These cost £8.50 a pint.

Red, Cerise and Mauve Large Natural Rose Petals
Our Coloured Rose Petals are great for those who are looking for unusual colours or a brighter, bolder effect -  we have shades such as blue and green not often found in the garden! These petals also work well for pathways and are our most economical choice. These cost £7.50 a pint, £25 for a 4 pint box or individual packing options from £1.99.

Pink Confetti Envelopes filled with Coloured Rose Petals

We also have Pink Mini Rose Buds available which are very pretty and add a touch of the romance of the rose to our Delphinium and Wildflower mixes. These cost £11 a pint or individual packing options from £1.99.

Pink Rose Buds with Ivory and Azure Blue Delphiniums

Pink Rose Buds with Raspberry Delphiniums and Magnolia Wildflowers

Here are lots more lovely ideas to inspire you...!

Bridesmaids enjoying the petals!

Red Rose Petal Confetti in action!
Make easy venue decorations with Small Natural Rose Petals
Create a petal pathway with Rainbow Small Natural Rose

Pink & Cream Large Natural Rose Petals - simply stunning!

Add romance to the honeymoon suite with a scattering of rose petals on the bed!
Create decorations and centrepieces from Cerise Large Roses

Red Rose Petals create a magical place to say your vows

Rose Buds mixed with Azure Blue Delphiniums and Bluebell Wildflowers

Add romance to your wedding breakfast tables
Coloured Rose Petals mean all sort of shades are available including warm browns!

A simple table runner from a scattering of Red, Cerise and Sunset Large Roses

Who wouldn't want to experience this!?
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