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The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company's Delphinium Flower Fields in Wick, Pershore, Worcestershire 2014

The Confetti Flower Field is currenlty CLOSED.
*Opening dates for 2018 will be announced early in 2018.

Confetti Flower Fields 2014

Colourful views to Bredon Hill. (Photograph: Andy Poppleton)

The delphiniums echoing the colour of the sunset (Photograph: Ian Vaux)

The perfect place to be on a summer's day! (Photograph: Tammie Louise Cornish)

A close up of the vivid colours   (Photograph: Chloe Field)
The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company's delphinium flower fields are blooming and thanks to the wonderful weather we have been enjoying they are looking fabulous!

This year we have planted a 25 acre field (twice the usual size!) so it is a spectacular sight. The views change as you walk around the field with Pershore Abbey and Bredon Hill providing a beautiful backdrop to the flowers.

Worcestershire is wonderful county and in July we are sure we can offer the best views in England. If you'd like to come and have a look then give us a call - 01386 555045.

Pershore Abbey peeping out from the blanket of Pale Pink Delphiniums

Views across the flowers to Bredon Hill
Cera enjoying the flowers (Photograph: Geoff Robinson)

The stripes of different coloured flowers in the summer sunshine

The flower are 4-5 foot tall and Cera is well hidden! (Photograph: Geoff Robinson)

A pink delphinium stem in full bloom

These flowers will become Azure Blue confetti petals

Stray colours that pop up make for great photos!

In the top corner of the field is a peaceful blue area with views to Pershore Abbey

A cornflower looks magnificent in the evening sunshine

We love it when visitors to the flowers share their photos with us - if you get some great pictures please share them with us on our Facebook page - tag us and use the #flowerfields!

We have also had a lot of interest from professional photographers this year who are keen to use the flowers as a beautiful backdrop for photo shoots. Worcestershire photographer Tammie Louise Cornish captured some fabulous moments amongst the flowers...

Amy and Josie enjoying the delphiniums (Photograph: Tammie Louise Cornish)

Baby Barney loves the flowers! (Photograph: Tammie Louise Cornish)

Sofina and Charlie share a moment  (Photograph: Tammie Louise Cornish)

And local photographer Chloe Field captured some beautiful shots of the delphiniums whilst working with her clients...

A majestic Azure Blue Delphinium stand straight and tall (Photograph: Chloe Field)

A mix of different coloured stems (Photograph: Chloe Field)

Flowers reaching high for the sky (Photograph: Chloe Field)

But we don't plant the flowers for fun - we are a working farm and to us they are a crop that needs to be harvested like wheat or barley. Our team of pickers are hard at work gathering petals - they are all hand picked and then dried naturally in the sunshine to become our beautiful, natural and 100% biodegradable wedding confetti.

Petal pickers at work in the field. (Photograph: Geoff Robinson)

A rainbow mix of our Delphinium Confetti Petals in our handmade Cones

You choose your own pretty blend of colours on our website, we pack up your order by hand and send it out with the postman - it's sure to be the most eco-friendly element of your wedding!

The confetti petals in action! (Photograph: Sam Pelly)

For more information and to buy some confetti visit - 
To see more pictures from 2013 click here.

Have a great summer everyone!
The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company x

Simply magical (Photograph: Ian Vaux)

All other uncredited imagery by The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company.
If you would like to use these images please ask permission where there is a link to the photographer and where there is not please credit the appropriate photographer and link back to - Thank you.

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