Friday, 22 August 2014

Yellow and Blue Wedding Ideas from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

Victoria & Steven's Confetti Moment  (Jackson & Co Photography)
The stand out wedding colour theme of this summer is yellow and blue - we have never seen so many orders for yellow and blue confetti petals! And by looking at orders for our bespoke sample packs we can see it's a trend that is set to continue into 2015.

Yellow, Blue and Light Blue Coloured Rose Confetti Petals

Depending on the shades you choose yellow and blue can be bright & fun or soft & romantic. It's not too girly or too masculine and it works for different seasons - think daffodils or sunflowers, bluebells or cornflowers. Perhaps that's why it's so popular?

Blue and yellow wedding perfection (

In celebration of this trend we thought we'd share some inspiring images to help you plan your yellow and blue big day - and of course lots of yellow and blue confetti ideas...

Bright blues and yummy yellows:

Royal blue dresses and yellow wedges for the bridesmaids - a striking combination

How about yellow petticoats?!
Yellow and Blue Coloured Rose Confetti Petals
Yellow and Blue Coloured Rose Confetti Petals in action!

Don't forget you wedding accessories! (
Matching yellow socks!
A stripy yellow tie with a bright blue suit
Mixed up Yellow, Blue and Light Blue Coloured Rose Confetti Cones

A great idea for your confetti photo - and yellow petals stand out really well!
Yellow, Blue and Light Blue Coloured Rose Confetti Sachets

Set the tone by decorating your aisle with rose petals and candles

Why not decorate your wedding tables too?
Golden Yellow Large Natural Rose Petals
Great ideas for easy venue decorations

Marigold yellow and Bluebell confetti petals - natural and beautiful!

Petal Bags are a great way of adding a splash more colour

Pale blues and lovely lemons:

Soft blue maids' dresses with lemon flats - too cute!

Yellow Coloured Rose Confetti Petals in handmade Blue Confetti Cones

Sweet little yellow and blue buttonhole

Yellow Coloured Rose Confetti Petals with Light Blue Hydrangea Petals
Make use of cool blue foliage in your bouquets
The lightest of blue suits for the groom

Stripy yellow bridesmaids - a great way to tie the colours together

Petal Confetti Envelope - Azure Blue Delphiniums with Bluebell and Marigold Wildflowers

A gorgeous blue and yellow floral crown for the bride (

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company has 5 shades of blue confetti petals and 3 yellow petals for you choose from. Why not order one of our sample packs so that you can see the different options and have a play around to create your own bespoke confetti mix? Click here. 

This is Charlotte's creation -

Pretty petals - Yellow Roses, Azure Blue & Bluebell

Confetti mixing tips -
  • Think about sizes and textures - mixing different size petals together looks very different to mixes where all the petals are a similar shape and size.
  • Think about colour ratios - we mix petals in equal parts as standard but if you add more of one colour you can get a very different effect, and it's surprising what a tiny pinch of an extra colour can bring to the blend. It's no trouble to do this at all - please just ask!
  • What are you going to put your petals in? Different packaging suits different petals so have a think before you make your final choices. (For example Golden Yellow Large Roses don't really fit into Sachets, Petal Bags or Envelopes as they get squashed, but they look fabulous loose in a pretty basket). 
  • The packaging is a great way to add colour - we have Yellow Petal Bags and Light Blue Cones that you can use to add an extra splash of colour to your confetti moment.
  • If you are mixing Coloured Rose Petals with natural petals it's best to do this no earlier than the day before they wedding so that all the petals stay looking their best.
  • Remember there is no right or wrong way to do it - it's all about what you like best!

Please share your mixes with us on our Facebook page :-)

And one final suggestion - surely the wedding cake has to be lemon and blueberry?! 

Lemon and blueberries - the perfect wedding cake flavour!


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