Friday, 3 October 2014

Sunset Large Natural Rose Petals from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

Focus on: Sunset Large Natural Rose Petals

Sunset Large Roses £8.50 a pint

Introducing our new 'Petal of the Season' for Autumn 2014 - 100% natural, biodegradable and just perfect for your autumnal wedding.

Always popular with our autumn brides we thought we'd dedicate our first Petal of the Season post to the beautiful Sunset Large Natural Rose Petal. These delicate petals are freeze dried to retain their gorgeous colour and natural curl and it means that they won't wilt or fade during your wedding day. We call them Sunset because they are a wonderful blend of orange, yellow and pink shades that fade into each other just like a sunset.

A beautiful Sunset Rose Petal

A Deep Oval Basket of Sunset Petals

There are lots of ways you can use Sunset Rose Petals on your wedding day - add impact and splash of colour to your confetti moment, line your wedding aisle with romantic rose petals, decorate wedding breakfast tables, your cake table, even the dance floor! Don't forget to put together a small basket of petals for your flower girl to scatter in front of the bride - it's very good luck! And remember the honeymoon suite - why not surprise your new husband/wife with a romantic petal strewn bed or bath!?

Sunset Rose Petal aisle (Image: Yvette Roman Photography)

A line of petals down the table is an easy decoration (Image: Pinterest)
A romantic rose petal bath (Image: Firesky Resort, Arizona)
Scatter petals to reflect your table centrepieces (Image: Tammy Odell Photography)
Baskets of Sunset Rose Petals - the Deep Oval holds 6 pints and the Rectangular 4 pints

Sunset Petals mix well with our Cerise or Golden Yellow Large Natural Rose Petals or you could try them with seasonal leaves or our Skeleton Leaves or even create decorations with seasonal fruits and veg.

Sunset Rose petals with seasonal fruits and leaves - easy venue decorations

Our Orange Skeleton Leaves £5 for 50
Or try these other flower petals as alternatives...

Bright Pink Small Natural Rose £11 a pint

A bespoke mix of Coloured Rose Petals £7.50 a pint

Sunset Rose Petals are sold by the pint and cost £8.50.
1 pint contains ten small handfuls of petals to throw. The petals are quite big so there are not as many to the handful as you get with our other confetti petals. We generally recommend Delphiniums or Small Natural Roses as better throwing petals but you can use Sunset Petals and they do look beautiful. However we do not recommend using Large Rose Petals in our Petal Envelopes, Petal Bags or Confetti Cones as the petals will get squashed and spoilt.
1 pint will scatter lightly over one 5ft round table seating 10 people or create a 'ring' of petals over two 5ft round tables.
1 pint will give a light covering over 1/3 of a square metre of a heavier covering over 1/6th of a square metre.
1 pint will create a lightly scattered 6 inch wide line that is two metres long or a denser 6 inch wide line that is one metre long.
We recommend 3 pints to scatter over a king size bed.

Samantha and Allan's confetti moment!

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All uncredited images: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company