Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Classic Romantic Gestures for St Valentine's Day from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

St Valentine's Day is coming - the most romantic day of the year!


We thought we'd share some simple but classic ideas for making your special someone's day that little bit more perfect....

A sprinkling of rose petals makes the Champagne taste that little bit better!
Use our Red Coloured Rose Petals to achieve this look - available here.

Petals can be used to make gestures look far more romantic and decadent...

Snowy White Coloured Roses would recreate this gift box (3)

Nothing shows how much you love someone like a bit of creativity and effort to make something unique... and rose petals add extra romance to those heartfelt gestures. Red petals signify passion and romance, pink petals sweetness and prettiness, and cream roses are classy and elegant - choose whichever you think suits your partner best!

Decorate your dining table with candles and Cream Rose Petals  (4)

Treat your special someone to a relaxing and romantic night in. Use Small Rose Petals (5)
Add Rosebuds to ice cubes in their favourite drink (6)

Bake a sensation and decorate with rose petals and fruits (7)

Or just present shop bought cakes with a little extra love if you can't cook!(8)

Decorate your home (or hotel room!) with rose petals (9)

Build the mood with a pathway of Red Coloured Rose Petals (10)
Guaranteed to sweep your sweetheart off their feet! We recommend Red Small Roses (11)

If you are planning a proposal then rose petals are essential!

Spell our your question with Red Coloured Roses (12)

The more extravagant and romantic the better! Create a giant Rose Petal heart (13)

Good luck!

Some of our most popular and beautiful rose petals -

Large Roses - Red £8.50 a pint (14)

Large Roses - Pink & Cream £8.50 a pint (15)

Small Roses - Blushing Pink £11 a pint (16)

Small Roses - Bright Red £11 a pint (17)

Small Roses - Bright Pink, Blushing Pink and Cream £11 a pint (18)

Lots of love from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company
x x x

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