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A Guide to Choosing Your Confetti Cones from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

A Guide to our Beautiful Handmade Wedding Confetti Cones

Alison & Richard's fabulous Confetti Cones!

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company now has a fabulous range of 13 different styles of Confetti Cones - so we've put together a handy guide to help you choose yours!

Confetti Cones are really popular with our customers looking for a pretty and easy way to get the wedding confetti petals to their guests ready for the big moment - fill each one with a handful of petals and everyone has their confetti ready for the big moment!
Place them in a basket or one of our special boxes and they can either be handed round by a bridesmaid, friend or family member, or be left somewhere convenient for guests to help themselves. 

Personalised Confetti Cone Baskets waiting outside the church

What you need to know:
  • All our Confetti Cones are sold empty in Packs of 10 and cost £9.50
  • You will need to buy 1 Pint of Petals to fill 10 Cones
  • Your Confetti Cones will arrive assembled - simply place a handful of petals in each cone. We usually suggest giving this job to a bridesmaid or your mum/mother-in-law and doing it the evening before the wedding, or perhaps in the morning if there's time!
  • We recommend our Delphiniums & Wildflowers and Small Rose Petals as the best wedding petals for your confetti cones - both will sit prettily in the cones and both flutter really well for the big moment!
  • If you choose our Personalised or Patterned Confetti Cones you'll need to allow a little extra time for delivery as they are made up to order especially for you. (See our website for more info)
  • All of our cones measure approximately 17cm in height and 5cm across at the opening

Wedding Day Confetti Cones - Personalised with your names and wedding date

Confetti Baskets and Boxes - a guide to quantities:

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company offer three different wedding baskets and a specially designed cone stand you can use to display your confetti cones - all available with our without a ribbon decorated handle.
(You can of course use your own baskets but our guide should help you get an idea of how many Confetti Cones your own basket would hold). 
  • HOLDS 10 CONES - Small White Rectangular Basket - measures L 25cm x W 10cm x H 10cm (H 25cm incl. handle)
  • HOLDS 20 CONES - Oval Basket - measures L 25cm x W 21cm x H 10cm (H 23cm incl. handle) 
  • HOLDS 20 CONES - Rectangular Basket - measures L 26cm x W 20cm x H 12cm (H 31cm incl. handle) 
  • HOLDS 20 CONES - White Cone Stand - measures L 30cm x W 20cm x H 7cm
  • Our Deep Oval Basket is not suitable for Confetti Cones - it's too deep!
Baskets are very traditional and are often used in place of a posy for bridesmaids or flower girls. They can be personalised with flowers, bows and embellishments. The white cone stand is simple and a little more contemporary - the cones stand up in a tray and it really shows them off - great for our new Patterned and Personalised Confetti Cones!

The Small White Basket with Textured Cones filled with Delphiniums Petal Confetti

"Just Married" Confetti Cones in a stand with pretty Delphinium Petal Confetti

"So how do I choose?!" 

You are sure to have an idea of the colours you want, and perhaps you've already chosen your petal confetti mix - but consider how different Confetti Cones can compliment and enhance your choice. Perhaps you have a Pink and Green theme but would like Delphinium Petals (which don't come in green) as your confetti - choose Green Coloured Confetti Cones to tie it all together.

Green Confetti Cones with Pale Pink Delphiniums
Different colours and textures of Confetti Cone can transform the look of your confetti - simple and traditional Ivory Parchment Paper Cones will create a different look and style to bright and bold Flower Burst Cones - even with the same petals inside. Think about your wedding style and choose the Confetti Cones that you love best. There are 68 different cone options so there is sure to be something to suit everyone!

White and Pale Pink Wedding Day Confetti Cones with Rainbow Delphiniums

Seaside Map Confetti Cones with Rainbow Delphiniums

Purple Coloured Confetti Cones with Rainbow Delphiniums

Personalised Confetti Cones:
The special touch of your names and wedding date on your Confetti Cones makes the whole moment just a little bit more memorable and unique. Our Personalised Confetti Cones are made up to your specifications. We have 5 "personalisable" styles and lots of different colour options available - see them all here.

Personalised Green Wedding Day Cones with White Coloured Roses
Personalised Love Bird Cones with Small Cream Roses

Personalised Your Photo Cones with Ivory Delphiniums

Bespoke Confetti Cones:

Don't worry if you can't find the perfect Confetti Cones for your big day - we can work with you to create something unique. Perhaps you have a wedding font or logo or monogram? Let us know and we'll help you design your very own Confetti Cones. (For more details see our T&Cs)

Classic Confetti Cones:

Always popular for their simplicty and elegance our Classic Cones in different cream, ivory and white papers are a great choice if you want something plain to compliment any confetti petal mix. They are handmade in advance so you can get them the very next day if necssary!

Textured Paper - Mulberry Paper - Ivory Parchment - White Parchment

Textured Paper Confetti Cones with Ivory, Azure Blue and Tudor Pink Petals

Coloured Confetti Cones:

Bright and beautiful Coloured Confetti Cones are a great way to add a splash of colour. Also handmade in advance so you can get next day delivery if necessary!

Green - Hot Pink - Blue - Pale Pink - Purple

Hot Pink Confetti Cones and Dark Pink Rose Petals

Patterned Confetti Cones:
Our new collection of pretty Patterned Confetti Cones offers a fabulous range of colours and styles to help you create your perfect Confetti Cone Basket or Box. From stripes to stars, maps to music, there are 5 different groups of patterns available - take a look here. If we don't have what you want just get in touch and we'll see if we can help!

Yellow Stripe and Stars Confetti Cones with Purple Delphiniums

Lilac Check - Pink Dots - Aqua Lace - Pink Gingham - Green Check

Music Paper Cones with Merlot Small Roses

Here are a few more ideas to inspire you...

Pale Pink Delphiniums in Blue Confetti Cones looks fantastic!

Beautiful! Rainbow Rose Confetti Petals in Mulberry Cones

Pink Sprigs and Green Coloured Confetti Cones with Raspberry Delphiniums

Mint and Green Tea Rose Petals in Textured Confetti Cones

Hot Pink Cones look fabulous with B&W Confetti Petals

Blend different shades to create a bespoke box of Rose Petal filled Cones

If you are looking for something a bit different...

Peg your Confetti Cones somewhere handy? (Photo: Lola Rose)

Or add ribbon and hang cones in a convenient place (Photo: Jodie Chapman)

And there are plenty more confetti cone ideas on our Pretty Petal Ideas Pinterest page!

x x x

(And don't forget our confetti cones can all be recycled!)

All photography unless otherwise credited: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

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